Trainings at T3K-Forensics

The unique training program of T3K-Forensics

T3K-Forensics offers a variety of trainings in the field of mobile forensics. Our training curriculum contains and integrates the most important topics. It is structured in a specialisation system.

All trainings are held either in English or German and are adjusted to the requirements of the participants. We are happy to invite you to our training facilities in Vienna for our open trainings (single-seat booking). Alternatively, trainings are held on demand in other European cities, in your desired places, for example at your authority.

Mobile Phone Extractions & Analysis Training

Learn the basics of mobile forensics - tool independent & precise knowledge for your daily work

Advanced Smartphone Forensics Training

Unlocking, advanced extraction methods and other skills beyond toolkit capabilities

SQLite Forensics for Smartphones

Get additional information from databases & retrieve deleted data

T3K-Forensics is a sucessful provider of mobile forensics trainings worldwide.

In the last 3 years, we have trained over 500 satisfied mobile forensics experts.

Our trainings offer practical relevance, neutrality and a very good cost/benefit ratio.

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