Trainings at T3K-Forensics

The unique training program of T3K-Forensics

T3K offers a variety of trainings in mobile forensics and related fields of expertise. We also continuously hold webinars about some of the most pressing issues in those fields.

Trainings are held in German or English, with other languages occasionally available, and are adjusted to the requirements of the participants. We are happy to train you online or on-site, COVID regulations permitting. If your authority or entity doesn‘t have suitable rooms, we will be glad to organize an appropriate training facility.

Mobile Phone Extractions & Analysis Training

Learn the basics of mobile forensics - tool independent & precise knowledge for your daily work

SQLite Forensics for Smartphones

Get additional information from databases & retrieve deleted data

The Salafi-Jihadi Ecosystem: Interrogating the Datasets

Establish insights into mechanisms of Extremist Networks