About Us

Experts in digital forensics.

T3K-Forensics is a competent and reliable partner for services in the fields of digital forensics and digital data screening and analysis. We have many years of expierence in examining mobile devices, partnerships with strong players on the market, as well as satisfied customers. Our services at a glance:


We offer mobile forensics and forensic linguistics trainings for all levels of expertise, exclusively for government authorities.

Software development

We develop state-of-the-art solutions for international law enforcement, corporation and NGOs for mass data screening and analysis

Expert witness

We work as expert witness for Austrian courts and authorities.

A company with tradition and many years of expierence


Foundation of T3K-Forensics

Since 2015

Provider of mobile forensics trainings

11 years

Expierence in digital forensics

Sharing our know-how for your success

In our trainings we combine the experience of experts from several domains, creating the most value from an interdisciplinary perspective on some of the most pressing challenges of the digital age – especially for law eneforcement.

T3K offers trainings for beginners in mobile forensics, as well as specially focussed topics for experts, such as examining SQLite databases and dealing with extremism datasets. When we develop our trainings, we lay particular focus on 3 areas:

Practical relevance

Our work as expert witness plays an important role in the conception of trainings. Anonymized real cases are used for training purposes, to allow the participants an optimal transfer of theoretical knowledge into practice.


As we are an independent mobile forensics company, we got a neutral view on the toolkits available on the market. Advantages and disadvantages of the respective toolkits are openly communicated.


It is important to us to offer a high-quality training at affordable prices. Compared to other training providers on the market, T3K-Forensics offers up-to-date content and use cases at a fair price.

Experienced employees for your success.

The T3K-Forensics team includes experts in different areas of digital forensics and forensic linguistics. Through our work as an independet software developer and expert witness in mobile forensics, we have extensive knowhow in this area.

We are at your service at any time.

Do you have any questions or need advice on our trainings? We are happy to assist you in choosing the appropriate training, depending on your level of knowledge and degree of specialization.

Headquarter Austria:

Ernst-Melchior-Gasse 24

1020 Vienna


Telephone: +43 1 997 10 33

E-Mail: office@t3k.ai

Office Germany:

Pestalozzistraße 31

80469 Munich


Telephone: +49 89 443 916 25